Heidi Hensely

Heidi Hensley is known for many things but outside of her family, it is hard to fully declare what she is most passionate about since she seems to fully throw herself into almost everything that she does. Whether she is raising her 6 kids with her wife, Karen, or painting in her professional art studio, or volunteering her time, Heidi is one of the kindest, most sincere, and talented people you could ever cross paths with.

As a musician on a stage in front of her many fans, Heidi is not afraid to testify about her own experiences and it doesn’t seem like she feels that she needs to hide any part of her genuine Self from anyone else for any reason off the stage, as well. It is so refreshing to be around someone, who is so accepting of others and also a confident warrior in the truest sense.

Hensley, who was born and raised in Ellijay, Georgia, began her most recent career as a widely known and respected painter about 8 years ago when she was in her 30s. A friend of hers asked her to paint a picture of her mom’s house and though Heidi had only done technical drawings in the past, she agreed to do the project. Hensley picked up a paintbrush for the first time and according to Heidi, “It was like the heaven’s opened. It was awesome. I was like, this is what I’m supposed to do.”

Completely self-taught in painting, Heidi studied architecture and interior design at the University of Georgia and owned a business where she created architectural renderings for builders up until the point of the stock market crash in 2008 when a lot of the new housing market came to a halt. At that point, Heidi was able to find the best in a potentially bad situation by transforming herself and her career into something that was even more suited to her desired way of working.


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